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16 octobre 2005 7 16 /10 /octobre /2005 22:00


Laissons la parole à Clifton Poire, le sympathique oncle Américain de notre précieux ami :"Comedy is ah ah ah. This goes from the greasy ah ah ah to the brainy ah ah ah. And the more you get closer to the brainy ah ah ah, the more you use your throat and close your mouth. In the greasy ah ah ah pattern, you're adding the teeth & cheeks movement, which can exhaust you. Laughing is good for yer health."

B. Bumble and The Stingers "Nut rocker"

The Emperors "Karaté"

Jennifer Wells "Dining in Chinatown"

The Tammys "Egyptian Shumba"

Nai Bonet "Jelly Belly"

Skip Stanley "Satellite baby"

Dee Jay and The Runaways "Boney Maronie"

Radars "Finger lickin' chick-en"

Groep 1850 "Mother No-Head"

The Jayhawks "The Creature from outer space"

Sly and The Family Stone "Chicken"

Gino Washington "Do the Frog"

Lee Dorsey "The Kitty Cat song"

The Kinks "Autumn Almanach"

Myron Lee "Fat Man"

Clarence Reid "Send me back my money"

The Atlantics 2 "Sonny and Cher"

The Interpretations "Jason Pew Mosso, part 1"

The Assortment "God bless our hippie home"

Mo & Jo "The Yo-yo song"

The Hush Puppies "Look for another love"

The Wild Tones "Fifty Megatons"

Archie King "The Vampires"

The Rivingtons "Pah pah oum mow mow"

King Coleman "The boo boo song"

Lara and The Trailers "Run for your life"

The Valiants "I don't wanna leave the Congo"

Singing Dogs "Rock'n'roll"

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