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Pour cette nouvelle émission proche d'une idée Mazdéenne de la perfection, Sred Sweign déploya son sourire et son éloquence nonchalamment byzantine comme jamais, et nous l'en remercions.

The Pharaohs "Heads up, high hopes over you"
Jaguars "It's gonna be alright"
The Sons Of Adam "Tomorrow's gonna be another day"
Sound Track "I see the light"
Harbinger Complex "Tomorrow's soul sound"
Hardtimes "There'll be a time"
Tommy Jay "Springtime's coming"
The Off-Set "A change is gonna come"
Paul Revere & The Raiders "There's always tomorrow"
Marvin Gaye "Seek and you shall find"
Melvin Davis "Save it (never too late)"
The Autographs "I can do it"
The Soulville All-Stars "I'm gonna get to you"
The Ghools "It will be fine"
The Riots "I can go on"
Four Of Us "You're gonna be mine"
Kenny & The Kasuals "I'm gonna make it"
The Blueberries "It's gonna work out fine"
Shel Naylor "One fine day"
The Syndicats "On the horizon"
New Hopes "I found a love"
The Aerovons "Everything's alright"
Hope "Green house"
Fargo "Promises of love"
Freddie Allen "We've only just begun"
Bob Dylan & The Band "I shall be released"


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