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12 février 2008 2 12 /02 /février /2008 12:12

Pacific Ocean Red

Download it here !!!


Dennis Wilson Speaks

Darius - Dawn

Chris Lucey - Girl from Vernon Mountain

Goldebriars - Haïku

The Byrds - Everybody's been burned

Now - Deja Vu

The Millenium - Karmic Dream Sequence

Ashes - Dark on you

Jackie De Shannon - Come and stay with me

Eighth Day - Building with a steeple

Something Else - Let me say now love


Novas - Whenever you're ready

Madhatters - You may see me cry

Journey Men - Short and sweet

Chessmen - Running wild

The Moon - Life is a season

Yankee Dollar - Live and let live

Horses - Birdie in a cage

The Poor - Come back baby

Mark Eric - Move with the dawn

Stone Country - Everywhere I turn

Saturday's Photograph - Summer never go away


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Koné sweign 14/02/2008 11:14

Très très très  très très beau mix. merci monsieur