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The Beach Boys "Feel flows"
Neighborhood Children "Feeling zero"
Yesterday's Children " Feelings"
Excentrics "Hold me tight"
Vejtables "Feel the music"
The Rationals "Feelin lost"
Greg Anderson "I feel good"
Derek's Accent "Ain't got no feeling"
The Bristol Boxkite "I'm feeling good"
Sam & Bill "I feel like cryin"
Little Hank
Joe Hicks "Don't it make you feel funky"
Nooky Boy
Good Feelins "Shattered"
King James & The Royal Jesters "I get a feeling"
Dean Ford & the Gaylords "That lonely feeling"
The Jaggers "Feel so good"
The Poor "Feelin' down"
Mark Eric "Sad is the way that I feel"
The Cryin' Shames "Feels like loving"
One Of Hours "Feel the pain"
Jackie Wilson
Felice Taylor "I can feel your love"
The Bush "Feeling sad & lonely"
Alligators "I feel like crying"
Vikings "Cherish the love you feel"


The Meters "Thinking"
Front Page News "Thoughts"
Harbinger complex "I think I'm down"
The Dan-Dees "Think about it"
The Noblemen "She still thinks that I love her"
The Young Entreprise "Think I'm gonna make it"
Free Thinkers "You were born for me"
Paul Bearer & The Hearsemen "I've been thinking"
The Checkmates International "Thinking about you"
George Wallace Junior "Think"
The Thoughts "All night stand"
The Smoke "Gold is the colour of thought"
New Colony Six "Don't you think it's time you stop your cryin"
Jake Holmes "Think I'm being had"
Bobby Fuller Four "Think it over"
The Byrds "Thoughts and words"
Buffalo Springfield "Sit down I think I love you"
The Chosen Few "I think it's time"
Mr Clean & The Cleansers "Think !"
Chelsea Sidecar "Thinking of you"
Pleasure Seekers "Never thought you'd leave me"
Ugly Ducklings "That's just the thought that I had in my mind"
Bubble Puppy "Thinking about thinking" 

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