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1 avril 2008 2 01 /04 /avril /2008 12:08


Dave Marten - You gotta love me
The Groupies - Down in the bottom
Sounds Unlimited - Cool one
William Penn & His Pals - Blow my mind
Branded X - Society & me
King's Ransom - Without you
Royale Cachmen - Killer of men
Ambushers - I need love
Denise & Co - Take me as I am
Heinz - Movin' in
The Syndicats - What to do
Tony Colton - I've laid some down in my time
Other Side - Out my light
The Mods - You've got another think comin'
The Answers - Fool turn around
Half Pint & The Fifths - Lovin' on borrowed time
The Chancellors - On tour
U.S. Male - You got yours
Canadian Squires - Leave me alone
The Midnight Angels - I'm suffering
Jim Jones & The Chaunteys - If you know how to start
The Chosen Few - It just don't rhyme
The Perils - Hate
Second Helping - Let me in
Horses - Country boy
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