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9 juin 2008 1 09 /06 /juin /2008 12:33


Mad Mike & The Maniacs - The hunch
Peck's Bad Boys - Crazy world
Madd Inc. - I'll be the one
The Intruders - Temporary insanity
Fugitives - Blowin' my mind
The Karpetbaggers - The fire I feel
The Tikis - Mad
Razor's Edge - Baby's on his way
The Last Five - Kicking you
The Gestures - I'm not mad
Paul Kelly - The upset
The Coasters - Crazy baby
The Grand Prixx - You drive me crazy
Eddie Campbell - Bullets don't have eyes
The Pychopaths - See the girl
The Bachs - Fee fall
Larry & The Blue Notes - What made me lose my head
Groop Therapy - I've got to leave this world
Mad Lads - Everything is blue
The Easybeats - I'm a madman
The Missing Links - You're driving me insane
The Psychotics - If you don't believe me, don't
Pure Madness - Freedom rides
Nomads - Thoughts of a mad man
The Escapades - Mad, mad, mad
Painted Faces - I think I'm going mad
The Music Machine - People in me
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