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22 juin 2008 7 22 /06 /juin /2008 18:39

Ombre & Lumière

Shadows Four - Heart of wood
Shadows Five - Gathers no moss
Kings Verses - Lights
Apperson Jackrabbit - Shadows falling
The Exotics - Queen of shadows
Les Sunlights - I'm lonely
The traveler's - Shadow of defeat
The Creatures - Turn out the light
Little Phil & The Nightshadows - Plenty of trouble
Nation Rocking Shadows - Time
The One Way Street - I see the light
The Left Banke - Shadows breaking over my head
Bittersweet (The Clique) - Shadow of your love
Dean Carter - Shadow of evil
Linda Rich - Sunlight shadow
The Music Machine - To the light
The Lykes Of Us - Tell me why your light shines
Eddie Hodges - Shadows & reflections
Finders Keepers - Light
Friends Of The Family - Jello Lights
Barbara Stant - Shadow in you footsteps
West Minist'r - Bright lights windy city
Fantastic Zoo - Light show
The Attic Sounds - Shadows
The Rightly Sew - Lights brightly shining
The Quest's - Shadows in the night
The Poppy Family - Shadows on my wallnon
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