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31 janvier 2009 6 31 /01 /janvier /2009 13:17

35th Street Gang - Dance of love
The Satisfied Minds - I can't take it
The Swinging Machine - Comin' on back home
One Mile Ahead - Contribution
The Appolos - That's the breaks
The Psychos - Pebbles and stones
Lenis Guess - Thank goodness
Robert Tanner - Tell me your name
Bernard Smith - Man without a people
Barbara Stant - Shadow in your footsteps
Royale VII  - Hand out love
The Changing Tymes - Go your way
The Rejects - Down this street before
Wild Cherries - I cried once
Clover - Remember
Jay-Bees - Good times
Red Coats Revue - Keep on tryin'
The Untouchables - Find a new love
Sir Guy - I need you
Jerry Wilson - I like the music
Flys - Be what you is
The Escorts - My only love
The Banana - She's gone
The Reactors - Do that thing
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