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9 janvier 2007 2 09 /01 /janvier /2007 12:47



Pour cette émission consacrée à l'amitié, Jeanpop2 et M. Poire connurent un grand moment de solitude, qui fut contrebalancé par la visite chaleureuse de notre droit collègue King Of The Lose. Merci.

Phrase de la semaine : "c'est très beau la naissance d'une toge" (M. Poire)

The Beach Boys "Friends"

The Primitives "Your friend"

Pamela Blue "My friend Bobby"

Nightriders "With friends like you"

Rocky & his Friends "You weren't using your head"

Brothers and Sisters "And I know"

Soul Brothers Six "I'll be loving you"

The Brilliant Corners "Three lonely guys"

The Kelly Brothers "I'm so bad today"

The Zombies "Friends of mine"

The Ballroom "Opus to a friend"

Dave & The Customs "He was a friend of mine"

The Others "My friend the wizard"

Private Property Of Digil "To my friends"

Teddy & The Pandas "Childhood friends"

The Friends "Empty handed"

The New Breed "Friends and lovers forever"

The Vagrants "I can't make a friend"

The Brothers "Today is today"

Roscoe & Friends "Barnyard soul"

Marvin Gaye "Abraham, Martin & John"

Love "Your friend and mine- Neil's song"

The Puppets "Three guys looking for love" 

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