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2 mars 2007 5 02 /03 /mars /2007 10:34


Cliquez ici pour la télécharger !!!

The Balloon Farm "A question of temperature"

The Chain Reaction "When I needed you"

Nick d'Angelo Farmers "Mr. Zeppelin man"

The Descendants "Lela"

The Groupies "Down in the bottom"

The Heard "Stop it baby"

The Inmates "Drop your drawers"

World Of Milan "One track mind"

Paul Martin "It happened"

Pete Moticelli "Lost"

The Overtones "There's a girl down the way"

Jake Holmes "Think I'm being had"

The Young Rascals "Lonely too long"

The Vagrants "Oh, those eyes"

The Scoundrels "Up there"

The Saints "Girl forgive me"

The Denims "I'm your man"

The First Crow On The Moon "The sun lights up"

The Mystic Tide "Mystery ship"

The Eldorados "All I want to do"

The Yo-yo's "Crack in my wall"

The Tigermen "Tiger girl"

The Third Bardo "Don't lose your mind"

The Off-Set "A change is gonna come"

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Loretta (secrétaire de Jeanpop2) 04/03/2007 12:42

Et ouais.

Hector 03/03/2007 20:39

Ooooh encore une cassette mélangée !Merci, cela devient véritablement épatant ...Un enchantement.Hector.