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10 avril 2007 2 10 /04 /avril /2007 15:45

Massachussets Master Mix !!!

Cliquez ici pour le télécharger !

Playlist :

The Barbarians "You've got to understand"

Beep Beep & The Roadrunners "Through the night"

The Classics "Mean woman"

The Levis "That's not the way"

Richies Renegades "Don't cry"

The Fifth Generation "If I see her"

John Brown's Bodies "Out of my mind"

The Mauve "You got me cryin"

Royale Coachmen "Killer of men"

The Rouges "Next guy"

The New Breed "Wasting my time"

The Nightrockers "Junction N°1"

The Ramrods "Merry go round"

The Boys From New York City "I'm down girl"

The Bold "Gotta get some"

Little John & The Sherwoods "Long hair"

The Landlords "I'm through with you"

The Rising Storm "Frozen laughter"

The Specters "Depression"

The Psycopaths "Til' the stroke of dawn"

The Bugs "Slide"

The Shames "My world is upside down"

The What Fours "Basement walls"

The Timetakers "At least I'll try"

William The Wild One "Willie the wild one"

Rockin' Ramrods "Bright lit blue skies"

The Remains "Say you're sorry"

Teddy & The Pandas "68 days till september"

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