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3 mai 2007 4 03 /05 /mai /2007 19:43


Pour cette émission encore une fois à la pointe du Top-notch et de la tuerie conjugués, Uder s'est montré sous un jour des plus guillerets, Poire toujours aussi pénétrant et Jeanpop2 divin.

Phrase de la semaine : "C'est dégoulinant, explosant..." (Mermouch)

Billy Bo & His Arrows "Voodoo shuffle"

The Mishaps "Under my thumb"

The Barons "Now you're mine"

The Slaves "Slave time"

Threshold Of Sound "She's mine"

The Crystals "He hit me (it felt like a kiss)"

Lee Jones "This heart is haunted"

Mighty Sam "When she touches me"

Irma Thomas "Ruler of my heart"

The Bachs "You're mine"

Michael Yonkers Band "Puppeting"

The Mad Hatters "I'll come running"

The Del Prixs "She'll be mine"

James & Bobby Purify "I'm your puppet"

The Impressions "I can't stay away from you"

Donald Lee Richardson "You got me in the palm of your hand"

Johnny Davis "You've got to crawl to me"

The Poets "I love her still"

The Mystrys "Witch girl"

The Rainmakers "You're the only one"

The Chants "Hypnotized"

The Missing Links "You hypnotize me"

The Beatles "You like me too much"

Uder Mermouch a attribué au Nevada un indice de 3.1 sur l'échelle Psycho-Batave

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