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16 mai 2007 3 16 /05 /mai /2007 12:13


Nos Pat masters, encore accompagnés d'un Patrick Lloyd Junior décidemment désoeuvré, dévoilèrent au grand jour leur propension inaltérable à parler divinement des sujets les plus cruciaux. Merci pour tout, Jeanpop2.

Phrase de la semaine : "Vous savez tous très bien que je ne suis pas funky." (Mermouch)

The Players "Memories of a high school bride"

Bobby James & The Vibrants "I've learned"

The Wheelmen "School is a gas"

Buddy Holly "Learning the game"

The Kama-Del-Sutra "She taught me love"

Rufus Thomas "Do the funky penguin"

Chuck Carbo "Take care of your home work"

Gene Bowlegs Miller "Frankenstein walk"

Professor Longhair "Big chief"

The Twilights "Time & motion study man"

The Painted Faces "Girl you're growing up"

Dave Berry "And I have learned to dream"

The Juniors "Lost friend"

The Attaras "You got a lot to learn"

The Chosen Few from St Michaels "Get it on life"

The Outsiders "Teach me to forget"

Dean Carter "School boy"

Lloyd Williams & The Hilights "Kangaroo dance"

Charles Spurling

Bill Moss

The Beach Boys "Never learn not to love"

The Master's Apprentices "Dancing girl"

Group $oall "Will you teach me how to love"

The Insects "Let this be a lesson"

Uder Mermouch a attribué au New-Hampshire un indice de 3.1 sur l'échelle Psycho-Batave

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