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22 mai 2007 2 22 /05 /mai /2007 17:23

Stadium Rock

Jeanpop2 seul ce soir pour cette émission malgré tout glorieuse, accueillit in extremis son grand pote King Of The Lose dont la bonne humeur fit tache d'huile sur l'armée Psycho-Batave assoupie dans la nuit quiète.

Phrase de la semaine : "Chuck Woods, au son duquel vous baisez des mineurs sur la Riviera" (Jeanpop2)

The Human Beinz "Nobody but me"

The Sons Of Adam "Baby show the world"

The Young Rascals "What is the reason"

The K-Otics "Double shot"

The Perishers "How does it feel"

The Valentines "Peculiar hole in the sky"

The Fun & Games Commission "It must have been the wind"

The Heard "Laugh with the wind"

The Vagrants "And when it's over"

Eddie Cave & The Fyx "Fresh out of tears"

Major Lance "You don't want me no more"

Tangeers "Let my heart and soul be free"

Chairmen Of The Board "Pay to the piper"

The Guess Who "One day"

The Energy Package "This is the twelth night"

Oncomers "You let me down"

Jacks Wild "What do you expect"

Los Bravos "Going nowhere"

Mourning Reign "Satisfaction guaranted"

Little Phil & The Nightshadows "So much"

The Willing Mind "Decide"

James & Bobby Purify "The Weeper"

Chuck Woods "7 days too long"

Jackie Wilson "Soul galore"

Sly & The Family Stone "Chicken"

The Groove "Play the song"

The Impalas "Come on up"

Motor City Bonnevilles "Make up your mind"

Wailers "I don't want to follow you"

Pas de Mermouch cette semaine, pas d'état, pas d'indice, pas d'espoir

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