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18 octobre 2007 4 18 /10 /octobre /2007 09:36

24 steps to PB

Pas grand chose à souligner pour cette émission, si ce n'est l'exigence éditoriale jamais asséchée.

Phrase de la semaine : pas vraiment 

The Riot Squad "Gotta be a first time"

The Maundy Quintet "2's better than 3"

The Third Bardo "Lose your mind"

The Four Seasons "Wall street village day"

Embermen Five "Baby I'm forgetting you"

The Troggs "66-5-4-3-2-1 (I know what you want)"

The Four Tops "7 rooms of gloom"

O.V. Wright "Eight men, four women"

Heard "Exit 9"

I Ragazzi Del Sole "Atto di forza n. 10"

Gas "Seven to eleven"

12 A.M. "The way I feel"

The Dearly Beloved "Flight 13"

The Rumbles "Fourteen years"

The Outcasts "1523 Blair"

The Wiggs of 1666 "It will never be the same"

Liverpool Set "17 tears to the end"

? & The Mysterians "8 teen"

The Eyes "19th nervous breakdown"

Berry Clan "Twenty century"

The Showmen "39-21-40 shape and hey baby"

Katch 22 "There ain't no use in hanging on"

The Association "Wasn't it a bit like now (parallel '23)"

The Action "24 hours a day"

Uder Mermouch a attribué à l'Utah un indice de 2.8 sur l'échelle Psycho-Batave

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