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26 novembre 2007 1 26 /11 /novembre /2007 19:16

Rétrospective Psycho-géographique

Mermouch après la cérémonie

Chancellors "Journey"

- Phoenix (AZ) :

Mile Ends "Bring'em on in"

Bittersweet "She treats me bad"

Phil & The Frantics "Till you get what you want"

Wild Flowers "On a day like today"

The Topsy Turbys "Snake woman"

- Grand Rapids (MI) :

Renegades "Ravin' blue"

The Quests "Scream loud"

Ray Hummel III "Gentle rain"

The Pedestrians "Think twice"

Minutemen "Another day with me"

- Rhode Island :

Spectrum "I was a fool"

The Others "I can't stand this love, goodbye"

The Shyres "Where is love"

The Uncalled For "Get out of the way"

The Cowsills "All I wanta be is me"

- San Jose (CA) :

The Brogues "But now i find"

The Mourning Reign "Satisfaction Guaranteed"

Syndicate Of Sound "That kind of man"

Family Tree "Live your own life"

The Chocolate Watch Band "Don't need your lovin'"

- Rochester (NY) :

Cavemen "All about love"

The Charles "Motorcycle"

The Young Tyrants "She ain't got the right"

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Loretta (secrétaire de Jeanpop2) 10/12/2007 22:06

Chief, we are honoured.
We love you.

Fred Deltorchio, Hercules Chief of Police 06/12/2007 01:56

The city of Hercules has been mentioned on French radio more than it has Bay Area radio. We are touched and honored by this kind gesture. The citizens would be even more honored if y'all did a show live from Hercules. Not San Jose. There are too many Mexicans there.

Loretta (secrétaire de Jeanpop2) 28/11/2007 14:38

M. Sweign, vous alors vous étiez partout. Grand fou.

Sweign 28/11/2007 12:30

Ahhhh ! La photo de The illusions, j'y étais...