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16 décembre 2007 7 16 /12 /décembre /2007 12:24

Moody Heaven part one : Upbeat killers


Pour la première émission de ce triptyque consacré à la nuance moody, Nos héros s'attelèrent à la tâche avec ferveur, jusqu'à l'extinction de leurs voix. Quel sacrifice de soi ! Et ça ne fait que commencer.

Tormentors "She's gone"

Brim-Stonz Ltd "You'll be mine"

Sonny Villegas "I cry"

The Enfields "She already has somebody"

The Gestures "It seems to me"

Nameless "Life"

The Cordials "Misery"

The Skunks "A girl like you"

Shaynes "From my window"

The Grodes "What they say about love"

The Renegades "She's your find"

The Ascots "Summer days"

The Golliwogs "Walking on the water"

The Sims Twins "I've got to win your love (for me)"

Z.Z. Hill "What more"

Tan Geers "Let my heart and soul be free"

Gene Chandler "In my body's house"

The M.H. Royals "Old town"

The Excentrics "What can I do what can I say"

Mixed Emotions "Can't you stop it now ?"

The Prodigal "You got me"

The Wig/Wags "I'm on my way down the road"

Buck Rogers Movement "Baby come on"

Gregory & The Velvet Illusions "Mini Shimmy"

Us Too Group "I'll leave you crying"

Everpresent Fulness "The rovin' kind"

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