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4 janvier 2008 5 04 /01 /janvier /2008 13:27

Moody heaven part three : Aigre-doux


Bien qu'obscurcie par la mort en direct de M. Poire, l'émission poursuivit son chemin semée de mélopées tendres et doucereusement mélancoliques, sans verser une seule fois dans la nostalgie rance ou le confort bourgeois. Bravo les gars.

The Magic Sounds "Love can be so fine"

The Reddlemen "I can't go on this way"

Quarrymen "Don't try your luck"

The Hydraulic Raisins "Travel the world"

The Chessmen "Running wild"

The Journey Men "Short and sweet"

Scavengers "But if you're happy"

The Romans "I'll find a way"

The Dovers "About me"

Don Covay "Stop by"

Helene Smith "I'm controlled by your love"

The Mad Lads "I don't want to lose your love"

Helen Smith "I'm controlled by your love"

The Lords "What went wrong"

The Outcasts "Loving you sometimes"

Magic Plants "I know she's waiting there"

Baythovens "Luv look away"

The Nightcrawlers "Sticks and stones"

Les Lutins "Elle n'a rien compris"

The Young Men "A thought for you"

The Sheffields "Nothing I can do"

Reparata & The Delrons "Look in my diary"

Nathaniel Mayer "My last dance with you"

Arthur Conley "I'm a lonely stranger"

Dr John "Go tell the people"

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