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6 juillet 2010 2 06 /07 /juillet /2010 09:24


Jim Messina & His Jesters - The thing

Brain Train - Me

Grains Of Sand - Golden apples of the sun

Evergreen Blueshoes - Silver shadows

Hamilton Streetcar - Invisible people

Humane Society - Eternal prison

The Bees - Voices green and purple

Adrian Lloyd - Got a little woman

Good Feelins - Shattered

Ty Wagner - Slander

Marylin Mattson - He means so much to me

The Odyssey - Little girl little boy

The Mom's Boys - Children of the night

The Glass Family - House of glass

Sumpin' Else - You're bad

Children Of The Mushroom - You can't erase a mirror

The Millenium - The know it all

Fenwyck - I'm spinnin'

Phoenix Trolley - Too many trees

Mamas & Papas - Strange young girls

The Satans - Makin' deals

The Second Helping - Let me in

Perpetual Motion Workshop - Infiltrate your mind

Electric Prunes - Hideaway

Looking Glasses - Visions

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