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15 décembre 2011 4 15 /12 /décembre /2011 19:27



This is the first of two shows dedicated to this theme, in the largest meaning. Let's meet again in 2012, might be worth the pain.


Eastern Passage – I could make you fall in love

The Sound Set – Mind in a bottle

The Luvin’ Kind – It’s not always that way

3’s A Crowd – Coat of colors

Willapuss Wallapuss – To june

49th Parallel – Good time baby

Mother Tucker’s Yellow Duck – One ring jane

James & The Good Brothers – Can’t help yourself

Patrician-Anne – Changing times

Justin Tyme – Julie’s just a friend

Tom Northcott – Other times

Underworld – The strange experiment of dr. Jarrod

The Reign – Visions of Mary

The British North American Act – Only a dream

East African Fair – I won’t stare

Tomorrow’s Keepsake – Elevator operator

+ 3’s A Crowd promos


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