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15 novembre 2012 4 15 /11 /novembre /2012 06:40


This show deals with later solo efforts of our gifted 60’s heroes. Scarce singles and wonderful and underrated LP's galore.


Neil Young – Everybody knows this is nowhere LP promo

Chuck Conlon – Won’t you say yes to me girl

Mike Konstan – This time

Michael – I’d only laugh

Val Stöecklein – Possibility I was wrong

Marcus – Royal Maze

J.C. – Where can I hide

Bernie Schwartz – Where can I hide

Rudy Romero – Simple things

Ron Nagle – Marijuana hell

Saint Steven – Sun in the flame

Alex Chilton – Everyday as we grow closer/Funky national

Arthur Lee – Everytime I look up I’m down or white dog

Alzo – Some people

John Buck Wilkin – Faces and places

Liam Hayes & Plush – I sing silence


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