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Michael Lloyd (far right) with the WCPAEB supported by an enthusiastic fan


Michael lloyd is undoubtedly one of the most talented and prolific 60's musician/songwriter/producer, and his achievments make an exemplary californian success story. We had to pay tribute to the man and everything hre represents, that we fight for daily.

New Dimensions – National breakout

Laughing Wind – John works hard

Rogues – Wanted : dead or alive

West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band – Just you and me

Neo Maya – I won’t hurt you

Kim Fowley – Strangers from the sky

The Smoke –Cowboys and indians

October Country – Caryle’s theme

Boystown – End of the line

Marcia Strassman – Self analysis

Cattanooga Cats – My girlfriend is a witch

Elfstone – Beat the clock

Rockit – Amblin’

Markley – Little Ruby Rain

Frosty – Organ grinder’s monkey

J.J. Light – Love is not a game

American Revolution – Cold Wisconsin nights

Family Scandal – October country

Roks – Transparent day


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