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17 novembre 2011 4 17 /11 /novembre /2011 11:54


"Every citizen of the world has got a midwest, and he gotta respect it, bro" (Abraham Lincoln). Not only did we respect it but we broadcasted the best of its splendor, Jean Pierre Paul Poire and myself, your host, master and lover. And just for the uptight hipsterism of Excalibur's "Dreamin'", you gotta get down on your knees, bro.


The Crystal Rain – World on fire

Grassfire – Aunt Morely’s wheatcakes

Excalibur – Dreamin’

J.D. Blackfoot – I’ve never seen you

The Tiffany Shade – Jaguar city blues

Snow – You let me know

The Skunks – The journey

The Baroques – Rose colored glasses

Zerfas – The piper

Michael Angelo – Field of lonely eyes

Lacewing – Crystal myth

Jack & The Beanstalks – Mood for hurt

Underground Sunshine – Six o’clock

The Bluebeards – Come on-a my house


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