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20 novembre 2009 5 20 /11 /novembre /2009 19:36

The Kan Dells - Cloudburst
The Boss Tweads - I'm goin' away
Jeannie, Jim, Tom, Bill - Sily whim
The Continental Co Ets - Let's live for the present
The More-Tishans - Nowhere to run
The Shades - Please please please
The Rave-Ons - Everybody tells me
The Vaqueros - Growing pains
The Fabulous Depressions - One by one
The Messengers - My baby
Steve Ellis & The Starfires - Her face
Prince & The Paupers - Shoulder of a giant
The Gestures - It seems to me
The Stillroven - Cast thy burden upon the stone
The Madhatters - You may see me cry
The Apostles - Help me find a way
Good Idea - Inside Outside
The Canoise - Something I could do
The Magpies - Everybody's fool
The Vy-Counts - Goodbye
The Unbelievable Uglies - Spiderman
The Nightcrawlers - Want me
The Pagans - Baba Yaga
The Devilles - You've made my mind
The Epicureans - I don't know why I cry
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