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13 janvier 2013 7 13 /01 /janvier /2013 11:17



Put on your toga and wear your love like heaven !


Appointment with the wicker man

The Kinks – Mr. Songbird

The Strawbs – Or am I dreaming

Clifford T. Ward – Scullery

Donovan – The mandolin man and his secret

Chris Britton – Maybe time will change you

Danny Doyle – Ballad of Jack Shepard

Fresh Maggots – Rosemary Hill

Ian Matthews – Little known

Honeybus – I can’t let Maggie go

Colin Hare – To my maker

Pete Dello & Friends – I’m a gambler

John Killigrew – Got your number

P.C. Kent – After dark

Marian Segal With Silver Jade – Reflections on a harbour hill

Heron - Wanderer

Quiet World Of Lea & John – There is a mountain


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