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22 juillet 2010 4 22 /07 /juillet /2010 18:19


The Knights - Ditch day

The Beach Boys - When I grow up (to be a man)

Sunrays - I live for the sun

Fantastic Baggys - Anywhere the girls are

The Full Treatment - Just can't wait

The Ragamuffins - The fun we had

Carl Henderson - See what you've done

Bob & Earl - Baby, your time is my time

Question Marks - Don't drop that (that's my love you got)

The Attractions - Destination you

Ken Williams - Come back

The Chymes - He's not there anymore

The Love Exchange - Swallow the sun

Cher - Where do we go

Summer's Children - Everybody's been talking

The Cupons - Turn her down

Marvin Holmes & The Uptights - Ooh ooh the dragon

Kent & The Candidates - The neck

Communicators & Black Experiences Band - Is it funky enough ?

Mike James Kirkland - The only change

Roger Nichols And The Small Circle Of Friends - Just beyond your smile

Fapardokly - When I get home

The Hard Times - Play it for me

The Yellow Balloon - The Children Of Santa Monica

Hinge - Now let me love you

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Christophe 26/07/2010 16:18

Come back de Ken Williams, tu chies la classe jp.

je m'en vais écouter ton émission pour la peine.