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Garage rock purists dislike horns but that’s alright as we dislike garage rock purists. This show was dedicated to brass arrangement in 60's garage rock and other teenage greatness.


Ole Miss Downbeats – Geraldine

Werps – Love’s a fire

The Onion Rings – She’s gonna cry

Boy Blues – Living child

Avengers – Crying all alone

New Colony Six – I’m just waitin’ (anticipatin’ for her to show up)

The Embermen Five – Do you have to be so cruel

Red Coats Revue Inc. – Keep on trying

The Fireballs – I don’t have the right

Nobody’s Children – Dontcha feel like cryin’

The Cherry Slush – I cannot stop you

Dick Wagner & The Frosts – Little girl

Tonto & The Renegades – The easy way out

The Grodes – What they say about love

Thor’s Hammer – By the sea (version 2)

The Undertakers – (I fell in love) for the very first time

The Bumble Bees – Girl of my kind

The Riot Squad – Gotta be a first time

The Five Americans – Virginia girl



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