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13 juin 2013 4 13 /06 /juin /2013 08:20


Marijuana - this seemingly harmless source of rope, paper, clothing and many other products is capable of driving people completely insane! Boys and girls, you must stay away from this plant and tell your friends about it also for their own protection.


The Shadows – Peace pipe

The Soul Inc. – The leaves of grass

Fapardokly – Gone to pot

The Baroques – Mary Jane

Long Grass – Sunshine to burn

Elmer Gantry’s Velvet Opera – Mary Jane

Troggs – Night of the long grass

Harmony Grass – Ballad of Michael

Fuchsia – Mary used to play the piano

The Mooche – Hot smoke and sassafras

The Illusion – Peace pipe

Owen-B – Zig zag man

Rex Foster with Don and Merrily – Busted in the grass blues

Peter Sarstedt – Mary Jane

Blades Of Grass – Just ah

The Renaissance – Mary Jane (Get off the devil’s merry-go-round)

The Moles – What’s the new Mary Jane



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