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14 mai 2009 4 14 /05 /mai /2009 17:55

The Delfonics - You'll get enough
The Universals - New lease on life
Soul Brothers Six - You gotta come a little closer
Richard Anthony & The Blue Notes - No good
Millie Mc Laine - Caught up
Frankie & The Spindles - Makin' up time part 1
Eddie Holman - I surrender
The Determinations - You can't hold on to love
Bobby Peterson - Irresistible you
Ray Gant & The Arabian Knights - I need a true love
Sheila Ferguson - Heartbroken memories
Bunny Sigler & Dee Dee Sharp - Conquer the world together
The Zodiacs - Don't change on me
The Modern Redcaps - No sign of you
Brooks O' Dell - You better make up your mind
Eddie Whitehead - Just your fool
The Intruders - Jack be nimble
The Epsilons - The echo
Bobby Fulton - It's good to be lonely sometimes
Cliff Nobles - My love is getting stronger
The Emperors - My baby likes to boogaloo
Jackie Moore - Loser again
John Ellison - Lost the will to live
The Uptites - Girl of the night
The Combo Kings - Mish mash soul
Carl Holmes & The Commanders - Crossin' over
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8 mai 2009 5 08 /05 /mai /2009 10:41

The Distant Sounds - Dreamin'
Shames - The Special one
The Boys From NYC - I'm down girl
The Psychopaths - See the girl
The Classics - Pink cats
John Brown's Bodies - Out of my mind
The New Breed - Wasting my time
Mickey & The Motions - I do
The Shadows Four - Heart of wood
Head & The Hares - One against the world
The Plagues - To wander
The Rouges - Next guy
The Remains - Ain't that her
The Rockin' Ramrods - Bright lit blue skies
The Rising Storm - To L.N./Who doesn't know
Landlords - I'm through with you
The Energy Package - See that I come home
The Improper Bostonians - Victim of environment
Teddy & The Pandas - 68 days till september
Bondsmen - I don't want your lovin' anymore
The Ebb Tides - My baby's gone
The Bold - Gotta get some
The Barbarians - What the new breed say
The Levis - Hear what I say
C.C. & The Chasers - Hey, put the clock back on the wall
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1 mai 2009 5 01 /05 /mai /2009 08:46

D’abord, les faits : un mystérieux japonais (affublé qui plus est d’un nom de femme), débarque en 1968 à New York pour enregistrer un double album sous la houlette d’un producteur dont on préférera par décence taire les antécédents. Le résultat de cette conjoncture improbable ouvre de nouvelles pistes davantage qu’il n’éclaircit celles qu’on s’attendait à fouler. Le double-album est constitué d’un premier disque émaillé de pop-songs furtives tandis que le second ne consiste qu’en deux plages d’une quinzaine de minutes chacune.

Il est difficile de préciser la tonalité ou le genre des chansons d’Harumi. Force est de constater qu’on n’est pas en face de l’horreur stoner flower power attendue et redoutée. Bien sûr on trouvera ici ou là un phaser languissant, un groove de hippie, un quart de ton vaguement indianisant, mais rien de grossièrement exotique dans la forme musicale. Dans ses meilleurs moments (« Don’t know what I’m going to do », « Hurry up now », « What a day for me »), Harumi joue une blue-eyed soul aux muscles fatigués ; cependant l’ensemble laisse une déstabilisante impression d’hétérogénéité, qui ne dérangera que les sots ans cœur, ceux qui ne savent pas distinguer le beau du trivial dans leurs propres rêves. Dans ce disque où l’on ne sait jamais où s’accrocher, fait à l’évidence par un homme accoutumé à ce que le sol se dérobe sous ses pieds, on retrouve malgré la douceur et la politesse de l’ensemble une inquiétude toute californienne. Harumi chante comme le rescapé d’une catastrophe qui tenterait tant bien que mal de raconter le parfum de la mort. Armé d’une joie fragile, il laisse ses estampes (Ukiyo-e, « images du monde flottant ») dériver sur la rivière, jusqu’aux deux contemplations finales, échos de montagnes mises à terre, qui finissent de donner à ce singulier double-album un goût d’avalanche.

Harumi - Fire by the river

Harumi - What a day for me

Harumi - Don't know what I'm gonna do

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30 avril 2009 4 30 /04 /avril /2009 10:23

Beep Beep & The Roadrunners - True love knows
William The Wild One - My love is true
The Knights - You're not mine
The Minets Of England - My love is yours
The End - Make our love come through
The What Fours - Eight shades of brown
Buck Rogers Movement - Baby come on
The Bugs - Pretty girl
Underground Cinema - Where has the time gone
The Off-Set - You're a drag
The Pentagons - About the girl I love
Travis Pike's Tea Party - If I didn't love you girl
The Morning After - Things you do
The Section Five - Pusher's route
The 5 PM - How many days
Retreds - Black Mona Lisa
Little John & The Sherwoods - Long hair
The Fonograf Hour - Don't throw stones
Nightrockers - Junction #1
The Mauve - You've got me cryin'
Eagle - Kickin' it back
Orpheus - Congress alley
The Specters - Depression
The Shilos - Cause I love you
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23 avril 2009 4 23 /04 /avril /2009 11:06

The Chosen Few From St Michaels - Get it on life
Mott's Men - Coming or going
The Vistas - I want you
Mike & The Ravens - Mr Heartbreak
Stephen Sargeant & The Pride - Grey eyes watching
The Messengers - The other side
The Renegades - Waiting for you
Skip Ellis - Ice cube girl
The Mar-Vels - Someone else
The Foul Dogs - Baby I know
The Fantasmics - Heaven or hell
Euphoria's Id - Deception's ice
Love Inc. - She don't care about me
Black Ravens - Wipe those teardrops
Bobby & The Farraris - In the morning
Innkeepers - People say
The Cobras - I wanna be your love
Jason & The Argonauts - I don't need anyone
Laurie - Everyone will know
Roman Knights - The world is bigger than you and me
The Blazing sons - Do you know the reason
The Tidal Waves - Laugh
Alan Burn & The Ushers - Whirlpool
Terry & The Telstars - Reasons
Mike & The Ravens - Living in a dream
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16 avril 2009 4 16 /04 /avril /2009 17:51

Satan's Breed - Laugh myself to the grave
The Shyres - Where is love
The Others - I can't stand this love, goodbye
Dick Domani & The Demons - I won't cry anymore
Balladeers - Words I want to hear
The Cowsills - Milk spot
Bram Rigg Set - Take the time be yourself
The Fifth Estate - That's love
The Shags - Hide away
D Men - So little time
The Eastern Alliance - Love fades away
The Blue Beats - Extra girl
Uranus & The Five Moons - Nothing remains
The Cadaver - Haven't got the time
The Wildweeds - Never mind
Robby - I don't want to leave
The Road Runners - Luv
Chips & Co - Let the winds blow
High Tensions - No use hangin' around
The Insane - I can't prove it
Me & The Rest - Dark clouds
Yesterday's Children - Baby I want you
The Five Cards Stud - Beg me
The North Atlantic Invcasion Force - Black on white
The Squires - Go ahead
The Runaways - Love
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9 avril 2009 4 09 /04 /avril /2009 17:52

The Catalinas - Barbara
The Acoustics - My rights
Bill Hjerpe - Not for sale
The Charles - Motorcycle
The Organization - I won't let go
The Young Tyrants - She don't got the right
The Humans - Warning
The Fallen Angels - Bad woman
The Show Stoppers - If you want to, why don't you ?
The Tigermen - Tiger girl
Art Swartz - One life, one love
The Invictas - The Detroit move
Dyke & The Blazers - Runaway people
Soul Brothers Six - I don't want to cry
Caesar & The Romans - When will I get over you ?
The Tweeds - I want to know her
Wee Four - Weird
The Rogues - You better look now
The American Teens - A brand new love
Michael & The trees - Nothing to say
Pete Morticelli - Lost
P.B. & The Staunchmen - Mean Willy
The Heard - Stop it baby
Kack Klick - One more day, one more night
The Huns - I've got you on my mind
Little Peppy With The Bare Existence - Since you've gone away
The Cavemen - All about love
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5 avril 2009 7 05 /04 /avril /2009 18:00
Notre collaboratrice et déesse MDS vient de faire une entrée fracassante dans la blogosphère.


Vous êtes invités à aller lui lécher les orteils, et vous procurer ses formidables compilations Psycho-bataves.

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2 avril 2009 4 02 /04 /avril /2009 17:57

The Brigands - Would I still be her big man ?
The Primates - Knock on my door
The Outcasts - Nothing but love
Mo-Shuns - What can I say ?
The Shandels - Fifteen children
The Reasons Why - Games
The Continentals - Sick and tired
The Minimum Daily Requirements - I'm grounded
The Weads - Don't call my name
The Hassles - Every step I take
The Vagrants - Your hasty heart
Ruff Francis & The Illusions - Misery loves company
The Descendants - Lela
Erik & The Smoke Ponies - From where I'm standing
The Galaxies - One way highway
The Bougalieu - When I was a children
The Bruthers - Bad way to go
The Chancellors - On tour
The Amberjacks - Blue jaunt
The Thunderbolts - There was I
The Toffs - Where have you gone to ?
The Inmates - Drop your drawers
Wild Bill Kennedy & The Twiliters - (Everybody's goin' to) Rollerland !
Ed Wool & The Nomads - I need somebody
The Last Word - Bidin' my time
The Persuaders - Whispering surf

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19 mars 2009 4 19 /03 /mars /2009 19:39

The Chain Reaction - When I needed you
The Changin' Times - How is the air up there
The Raves - Don't chop down my tree
The Yo Yo's - Crack in my wall
The Saints - Girl forgive me
The Magic Plants - I know she's waiting there
The Rites - Things
First Crow To The Moon - Spend your life
The Balloon Farm - A question of temperature
The Gurus - It just won't be that way
Jimmy Curtiss - Psychedelic situation
The Warmest Spring - Hard, hard girl
The Jagged Edge - You can't keep a good man down
The Outsiders - The guy with the long Liverpool hair
Shane - Don't turn me off
Royale Coachmen - Killer of men
Phil Ochs - Cross my heart
The Ragamuffins - Four days of rain
Mortimer - Waiting for someone
The Live Wires - The mask
Shep & The Downbeats - Girl, girl
Infinite Pyramid - On a windowstill
Terry Cashman & The Men - Try me
The Forsaken - She's alright
Branded X - Society & me
The Bay Ridge - I will wait
The Patriots - What a drag it is
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