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24 avril 2015 5 24 /04 /avril /2015 17:31


Selected works from the criminally underrated Gibb brothers mid-career.

(All songs by the Bee Gees except where noted)


I lay down and die

Portrait of Louise


My life has been a song

Back home

Down the road

It’s just the way

You know it’s for you

My thing

South Dakota morning

I held a party

We All Together – Why

Truck – Broken chair

Tin Tin – I took a holiday




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9 avril 2015 4 09 /04 /avril /2015 15:16


A collection of lesser-knowns productions from Tom Wilson's vaults.

Beacon Street Union – Recitation

The Blues Project – I can’t keep from crying

Fratenity Of Man – In the morning

Harumi – Sugar in your tea

The Willows – Hurtin’ all over

Nick Ashford – When I feel the need

The Purpose – Give in

Marvin’s Circus – The second time

Fear Itself – For Suki

Ill Wind – People of the night

Road – Mushroom man

Central Nervous System – Sweet hot Lucy

Fire – One more heartache

Click Horning – Find it for yourself

Two Friends – Long way hard road


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4 avril 2015 6 04 /04 /avril /2015 09:31


Tribute to the great departed wunderkind.

The Left Banke – Pretty Ballerina

Christopher & The Chaps – They just don’t care

The Magic Plants - I know she’s waiting there

The Left Banke – Let go of you girl

The Blades Of Grass – Walk away Renee

The Left Banke – Hertz rent-a-car spot

The Left Banke – Desiree

Montage – Grand pianist

Cherry People – And suddenly

Montage – Tinsel and Ivy

Bert Sommer – Magic elixir

Stories – Words

Scott Trusty – I bred quarter horses

Stories – Winter scenes

The Beckies – Fran

Steve Martin – Love songs in the night

The Beckies – On the morning that she came

The Left Banke – She may call you up tonight

The Four Tops – Walk away Renee



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26 mars 2015 4 26 /03 /mars /2015 18:13


Jangling guitars and druggy harmonies !


Band Of Wynand – Day-time, nite-time

Kaleidoscope – Pulsating dream

Every Mother’s Son – Another day, another song

Circus Maximus – Oops I can dance

Spur – Time is now

The Fredric – Born in fire

The Contents Are – Recurring changes

The Mad Lads – Everything is blue

The Travel Agency – Time

The Rovin’ Kind – Right on time

The Cryan’ Shames – Sunshine psalm

The Now – Deja vu

The Elastik Band – Mixed emotions

Beauregard Ajax – Goodbye again

The Solid Ground – Sad now

Steve Ellis & The Starfires – Her face

The Spiders - Yves



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13 mars 2015 5 13 /03 /mars /2015 09:56



Premium slabs of early power balladry, before stadium-rock era ruined it all.


Raspberries – If you change your mind

Artful Dodger – It’s over

Bernie Schwartz – Where can I hide

Space Opera – Outlines

Twin Engine – Give my love chance

The Guess Who – Laughing

April Wine – I wouldn’t want to lose your love

James Gang – Midnight man

Big Star – The Ballad of El Goodoo

Prix – Girl

Hudson Brothers – So you are a star

The Jook – Do what you can

Lesley Duncan – My soul

Heart – Love me like music (I’ll be your song)



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7 mars 2015 6 07 /03 /mars /2015 09:16



Psych-tinged soul music with dark edges, with special host Jean-Pierre Paul Poire !

The Temptations – Take a look around

Darrow Fletcher – Dolly baby

Vision Sounds Of Memphis – Play the game

South Shore Commission – Shadows

The Trash Company – Come to me softly

C.C. Jones – Find yourself a new thing

Freeman Bros – Living in the life of love

Rufus Hunter – Clean with your dirty work

Isley Brothers – Feels like the world

Paul Kelly – Here come ole Jezebel

The Untouchables & Mark One Band – The dragster boy

Brothers United – Spoonful

The Shades Of Black Lightning – Yesterday’s dream

Allen Toussaint – Electricity



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19 février 2015 4 19 /02 /février /2015 18:26



Bands blending several male voices with a female singer, from sunshiney folk-rock to smooth soul !


The Yankee Dollar – Sanctuary

The Vejtables – The last thing on my mind

Ashes – Return home

The Deep Six – When morning breaks

The Rose Garden – Long time

Gladys Knight & The Pips – Giving up

Ruby & The Romantics – Young wings can fly

Brenda & The Tabulations – The touch of you

Linda & The Vistas – She went away

R.J. Fox – To be born again

MC Squared – Miss Abercrombie

Eternity’s Children – Your world

The Ballroom – It’s a sad world

Dave Mason & Cass Elliot – On and on

Flair & The Flat-Foots – Hey boy hey girl

Penny & The Quarters – You and me

Tan Geers – Let my heart and soul be free

Ruby & The Romantics – When you’re young and in love



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12 février 2015 4 12 /02 /février /2015 19:50



Light funky tracks and brotherly vibes.

Paul Parrish – English sparrows

Green Lyte Sunday – If you want to be free

Jim Sullivan – Rosey

Hollins & Starr – Home ?

Michael Franks – Born with the moon in virgo

Batteaux – Tell her she’s lovely

Two Friends – Must be the wrath

Harumi – Hello

Joy Of Cooking – Did you go downtown

D.R. Hooker – Forge your own chains

Saint Jacques – Rubies

Terry Durham – Crystal telephone

Fable – Same key



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5 février 2015 4 05 /02 /février /2015 18:29

Country-psych-pop-rock sounds from the enchanted Colorado mountains.

Danny Holien – Red wing

Michael Stanley – Rosewood bitters

Pete McCabe – Magic box

Rudy Romero – Loves comes (when it wants to anyway)

Danny Holien – Colorado
Arthur Gee – Dimensions
                         Plain talk
Rudy Romero – If I find the time
Robb Kunkel – Monterrey
Dewey Terry – Sweet as spring

Michael Stanley – Resurrection

Robb Kunkel – O light



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22 janvier 2015 4 22 /01 /janvier /2015 10:56



A smooth selection of british lush ballads from the golden 70’s.

Les Payne – I can’t help to feel the love

Billy Nicholls – Winter rose

John Howard – Gone away

Leo Sayer – The bells of St. Mary’s

Danny Kirwan – Cascades

Colin Blunstone – Smooth operation

Brian Protheroe – Lady Belladonna

Nasty Pop – Mistaken I.D.

The English Roses – Yesterday’s hero

Blue – Red light song

Paul Vigrass – Like it never was

Lesley Duncan – Love melts away

Danny McBride – Goodbye blues



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